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Migrate to Canada through Support of Immigration Consultants

Keeping in tandem numerous fascinating opportunities like superior quality of culture, robust work environment, higher standard of living etc. has made Canada the number one choice of many individuals across the world for their go to immigration country. This face is further boosted by UN (United Nation) as they have also labeled the country numero uno for gaining permanent residency. The best option to gain entry into the country for any purpose, be it enforcing quality of life, work culture or for future studies – getting the Canadian PR (Permanent Residency Visa).

The easy acceptance of immigrants in Canada is not just due to diverse lifestyle and work culture of this country, but also due to immediate need of experienced candidates who can help grow the economy of Canada as well. Many markets like India have been explored in term of garnering suitable employees who are able to complete the immigration formalities sufficiently through the impeccable support of immigration consultant having successful experience with Canada immigration. 

Apart from tourist visa, which only allows the visa holder to enter Canada in order to enjoy and take in the beauty along with other tourist attractions of the country, applicants will have try their luck through other ways of entering the country for either work purpose on temporary basis or to permanently settle down in Canada. For those trying for PR or temporary visa entry for work purpose there are two ways as detailed below:     

  • Express Entry Program for Permanent Residency in Canada: This entry came into being in January 2015 and has been quite successful in providing eligible skilled candidates PR as per the requirement in the country. It is still considered to be the newest system invoked to manage the immigration applicants into different immigrant programs operated in Canada including Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades. Those prospective immigrants who are interested to live and work in the country on permanent basis and have also cleared the eligibility criteria of any of the mentioned program can enter the express entry program by generating an Express Entry Profile which will be then added into the Candidate pool of Express Entry and provided consequent score under the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) method which will ultimately denote the rank of the candidate in the same pool. Those having high rank and points will be sent an invite to apply for the Permanent Residency Visa under Express Entry program.
  • Work Permit Visa (Canada): In essence there are two types of Work Permit Visa for Canada. One is Open Work Permit wherein the candidate is allowed to work for any employer of their choice without requiring the offer of employment. Moreover this type is not job specific and also does not require you to have LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment). The other type – Employer Specific Work Permit, on the other hand requires migrant to work as per the conditions and regulations mentioned in the Work Permit visa that is inclusive of employer name, time period of the work and the location of the work. For this the Canadian employer will require the LMIA from the human resource official (federal) before accepting the candidate under Employer Specific Work Permit.

Canada as a nation is counted amongst the Group of 8 (G8) as well as being a part of Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which makes it an even brighter beacon for immigrants all across the world to come and settle in this beautiful multicultural and multinational country. We, at immigrationxpertspune.com , are a highly coveted team of visa aiding and providing company having Australia Immigration consultancy services all over the country. All the branches consist of efficient and experienced team of advisors who will guide you through the complex Australia Immigration services with least amount of hassle. For more information and a consulting interview you can call on our toll free number +91- 9922 900 030 or browse the website to connect through online chat support.

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I appreciate and thankfull to Immigration Xperts Team in Pune for their best support and duty. I have reached Australia before and after we get Australian PR. This is only can possible by your dedicated work process. Thanks!
Manish Baghel
Wonderful team of professionals. Their response to any of queries is also quick. Thanks for helping getting my ACS assesment done flawlessly.
Dikesh Tandel
Excellent counselling nd thorough knowledge of visa process as compared to other consultancy. Did assessment of my profile in one go and showing job duties. Told can take case only if JD matches. All done free of cost and PR visa fees is for family visa and not individual as charged by others after case is taken.
Pooja Alluri